About Us


Who we are? We are serious people.

Our company, managed by the family of Ernesto Alivernini, founded in 1979 in the outskirts of Milan, in the hardworking Lombardy, and after 36 years is still active, here, in the same place.

Ernesto produces Handcrafted Panettone without preservatives: cooks on request and sends you a "fresh" product, just baked that, in sealed packaging, stored in a "dry" place, away from light and heat, can be enjoyed even after three months.

This explains the reason why there is NO right of withdrawal: we baked this Panettone for you, and only for you, upon your booking, following a very long and complicated artisan process so you will not be able have second thoughts after payment of the order. Because the payment is an irrevocable confirmation of your order.

f you have special needs for delivery or expiration of the product, please contact us in advance at the email info@ernesto-italia.com we will take care of your needs and find together the best solution.

Ernesto's Family


In the picture
Domenico Alivernini (1911); his son Ernesto (1936); his son Francesco (1963); his son Lorenzo (1996).

New Generation

In the picture: Andrea Faella Alivernini (1991), son of Anna Alivernini; Federico (2003), son of Francesco Alivernini.